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Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering

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CPRE Levels Overview


The Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering Certificate

The IREB certification model consists of three levels which build on each other:

  1. CPRE Foundation Level
  2. CPRE Advanced Levels
  3. CPRE Expert Level

Prerequisite for certification of a certain level is having obtained the certificate of the previous level. The IREB has stipulated the examination procedure for each level of the certification and has defined minimum requirements for the examination environment.


References of our CPRE certification

These companies have already been trained successfully:


IREB (International Requirements Engineering Board e.V.)


The IREB has pledged to professionalize the field of requirements engineering and to establish international standards. Thus, a curriculum and certification questions have been compiled and published, enabling interested parties to acquire an internationally recognized certificate. Find more information on the IREB and its mission on the official homepage or in this article.

Foundation level comprises basic knowledge of eliciting, analyzing, specifying, documenting, checking and managing requirements.

The module CPRE Advanced Level Elicitation and Consolidation appeals to specialists in the fields of requirements engineering, BPA/business analysis, business engineering, organizational design etc. who want to extend their knowledge and skills in the field of requirements elicitation and consolidation.

In this training you will learn how to use models efficiently in your job as a requirements engineer.  The main focus will be on practical experience. By means of numerous exercises you will learn how to use UML models for the description of functions, behavior and, of course, information structures and how to combine those models with natural-language requirements. We will also show you the connection to business processes and the use of the created models during implementation.

For booking an optional advanced level examination the CPRE foundation level certificate is required.

Reading CPRE knowledge - Literature

As preparatory reading for the CPRE examination we recommend the book "Requirements Engineering Fundamentals" by Chris Rupp and Klaus Pohl.

Our certification

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know there’s always a lot of questions concerning the topics of certification procedures, the examination and preparations and thus have compiled a FAQ which will probably provide an answer to your question.

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