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Philosophical thoughts

"Jovialty and lightness are part of philosophy, too."

Hans Dieter Hüsch, German cabaret artist


Our quality policy

Our commitment to continual improvement regarding the quality of services, processes and business culture, not only oriented towards fulfilling market demands but also towards our own high standards, makes us achieve top performances on a consistent basis. Continuous quality improvement and a steady focus on the customer are the values that guide our work.


The open information policy (open book management) of the company management enables the staff members to participate in decision making and in the success of the business.


Auguste Rodin - The Thinker


Fair-mindedness and appreciation in customer relationships are the basis for confidence and give rise to a long-term and successful cooperation. This prevents us from "developing outside" the needs of our customers, assures a high quality of service and a constantly outstanding competitive position.


Empowerment: Spreading creative room for action as well as decision-making power to all SOPHISTs, enables them to understand themselves as valuable contributors to the company.


Providing a high degree of satisfaction to each member and a route to continuous personal growth are the means by which lasting loyalty to the company shall be achieved.


Quality as an agreed objective of the company is reached by a participative-cooperative style of leadership.

Quality is to be seen as one of the most significant objectives of the SOPHIST GmbH. Quality management is no one-time measure with a limited life time but a long-term and continuous task, being part of the strategic business management.



Partnership and motivation are the principles on which top performances are based. If two individuals or companies decide to establish a partnership, both bring their best into the relationship. The different experiences and views of the persons involved enrich their thinking and broaden their minds. For us, a good partnership is always based on what the partners share: common objectives.


A long-term orientation of the company towards ethical goals considers the immediate, urgent things but prioritises those things that are really important.


Living and working according to personal differences and strengths makes it possible to encourage strong personalities, promoting them as team members instead of forcing them into conformity.


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