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UML 2 glasklar - 4. Auflage


UML 2 glasklar

No matter whether you’re a newbie, expert or simply a freak, this book will bring you up to speed on anything from A like activity diagram to Z like zero state to do with the best and most powerful UML version ever available.


This book contains a comprehensive description of those elements and concepts of the UML 2.1 relevant to modeling and concisely details the differences between the current version and its predecessors. Furthermore, you’ll find lots of information on applying the UML in your current projects.


The Contents:

  • Which types of diagrams are provided with the UML 2.1?
  • What are they used for and which elements are they made up of?
  • What to pay attention to when using a certain diagram?
  • What has changed since UML 1.x?
  • How can I adapt the UML to better suit my current project?
  • How are the most important diagrams represented in code?
  • Which parts of the UML do you really need and which are surplus?
  • What is the SysML?


The website to go with the book:  (only available in German)

The sales figures, the feedback and the many questions from our readers have encouraged us to continue working on our UML book. Thus, we’re proud to present the 3rd edition which is packed with innovation and features many new highlights.










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UML 2 glasklar 4. Auflage

Publication Date:

April 2012
4th edition
580 pages


Carl Hanser Verlag


Chris Rupp, Stefan Queins & the SOPHIST´s



(only available in German)

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