Who we are and what we do

The SOPHISTs provide their knowledge to clients who want to organise their system and software development efficiently and effectively. We are a consulting and training company committed to help our customers to successfully specify, design and test their systems cost-effectively and in compliance with the specific contract. We are the specialists for requirements engineering, requirements management, object-oriented analysis and object-oriented design.

For more detailed information, please log on to our website or see our company brochure (only available in German).

Putting OO and RE projects on the fast track to success …

… that’s our passion and our vocation. Consulting, supporting and coaching just about anything to do with requirements, architecture and processes – be they system or business-centered – is what we’re all about. We’d be delighted to team up with you and work out the best way to ensure your project will complete successfully and on-time.

Feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll have a look at how we can help you!

A requirements engineer with a mark of excellence … what today’s companies are looking for. Therefore, the IREB (international requirements engineering board – for more info see their website) has been conducting an international certification program for requirements engineers.
As a licensed training provider of the IREB, we offer trainings specifically designed to make sure you know all the ropes and best practices you need in your daily work as a requirements engineer and we take care to absolutely make certain you can also apply them. We’ll get you up to speed for the Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering in no time. Become an accredited professional today!

Interested in other trainings concerning requirements engineering, requirements management, object orientation or the UML? We have a lot  more to offer: just give us a call!


CPRE Trainings Worldwide!

We can hold our “Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering” training abroad as well! Feel free to contact us!

SOPHIST BLOG (in german)

Was ist, kann und macht Machine Learning? Und was macht es für den REler so interessant?
21/06 - 2017 Allgemein
Mit AutoML hat Google jüngst einen Ansatz vorgestellt, der die Entwicklung von Anwendungen maschinellen Lernens vereinfachen und optimieren soll, und zwar mithilfe von – maschinellem Lernen. Hierbei erstellt ein erster Machine-Learning-Algorithmus einen Vorschlag zu Architektur und Konfiguration des zu entwickelnden … Weiterlesen
Spendenaktion 2017: Kony e.V.
17/06 - 2017 Allgemein
Wie schon im letzten Beitrag erläutert, spendet jeden Monat ein SOPHIST Betrag x an eine Einrichtung, die er gerne unterstützen möchte. SOPHIST stockt an dieser Stelle denselben Betrag noch einmal auf, sodass die doppelte Summe an die Einrichtung gespendet wird. … Weiterlesen
stay hungry – Warum hat die Neugier in unserer Kultur so einen schlechten Ruf?
14/06 - 2017 Allgemein
Na, sind Sie neugierig auf den Blogbeitrag? Ich habe gute Nachrichten, Sie können sogar auf drei Blogbeiträge neugierig sein! Wir freuen uns, dass uns unsere Gastbloggerin und Speakerin auf den SOPHIST DAYS 2017, Margit Hertlein, schon jetzt einen kleinen Einblick … Weiterlesen

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