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About us

As a consulting and training company we help our customers to develop technical, non-technical and commercial software or systems successfully, cost-effectively and in compliance with the terms of contracts.



SOPHIST GmbH, founded in 1996
General Managers:
Chris Rupp and Roland Ehrlinger
Former subsidiary: SOPHIST Technologies GmbH, founded in 1998, affiliated to SOPHIST GmbH in 2007

Number of staff members: ca. 60

Sector: innovative software and system engineering

We accompany our customers methodically as well as operationally right from the requirements review phase to testing and acceptance, including modelling phase, architecture phase and design phase.

Our customers benefit from our highly-specialized knowledge, innovative procedures and technologies regarding the following topics:

  • Requirements engineering based on natural language and models (elicitation methods, formulation methods and semantics, derivation of acceptance criteria, validation, and management of delta requirements...)
  • Requirements management (assigning attributes and categories to requirements, ensuring traceability, evaluating and reusing of requirements, managing changes, evaluation and use of tools...)
  • Management of risks, contracts and implementation projects.
  • Use of object-oriented methods and technologies in analysis, architecture and design
  • Business process analysis
  • Evaluation of tools
  • Social competence in software development (support in project planning and handling, improvement of group-dynamic processes and communication)
  • Test and acceptance based on specified requirements

Still too general? Here are just some examples of our individually designed services (just very few of our many services) you can benefit from:

  • RE process analysis with optimisation concept
  • Creation of specifications and reviews
  • Implementation of RE process
  • Harmonisation of different RE / RM processes used in one or several organisational units
  • Checks for technical realisation of the requirements in the context of development cycles
  • Quality assurance of analysis results
  • Management and review of requirements documents
  • Planning and preparation of technical acceptance tests management of questions, answers and comments regarding requirements and specifications
  • Specifying acceptance criteria and (e.g.) test specifications for components
  • Business process analysis and modelling
  • Development of the guideline for architectures
  • Analysis of existing architectures with optimisation concept
  • Application of basic architecture concepts (layer architecture, event handling, hardware-abstraction layer, third-party involvement, record mapping, error handling ...)
  • Product line support with UML
  • Embedding the technical logic (mixer, radio, navigation system, ...) into object-oriented architecture
  • Transforming analysis models into design models
  • Implementing techniques relating to redesign and refactoring
  • Using design patterns
  • and much more...

SOPHIST – What we do

The SOPHIST GmbH provides their know-how to international companies that want to carry out their system and/or software development processes in an as accurate and efficient manner as possible.

Why ist expert advice valuable? Why SOPHIST?

In 2006, German managers estimated the average financial damage caused by software/system errors in the high three-digit millions range.

The German informatics society wrote in 2006: "What you fail to specify in the early phases of a project leads to problems in the later phases, up to and including the entire failure of the project.  To avoid this, external consultants should play an essential role in almost all large software projects."

The best way to minimise expensive errors is by acquiring specialized knowledge regarding requirements, architecture, design, handling and acceptance from outside: our consultants and trainers. We put together a team of professionals for you, from assistants up to top-level consultants, that offers the best cost-benefit ratio for your consulting needs.

In short: We help you and you do not have to pay millions for that.

Our sector and customers

Our know-how is available to many sectors where error-free software and systems are needed. An overview of our sectors and customers can be found in this excerpt from our customer list.

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