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Working in the office has inspired me a long time before starting at SOPHIST and IS still my world. SOPHIST offers a lot of different varieties gathering experiences and developing know-how in several divisions. Right now, I support our consultants with their trainings. This includes the preparation and post-processing as well as travels and accommodation. When it's my turn with the task, I am also the contact person on the phone into the whole wide world. I am looking forward to all the new experiences and knowledge that awaits me, when I get to know different people and divisions at SOPHIST. 



I have been living in beautiful Franconia for some years. Some months ago, only Erlangen and its crowd was known to me. That’s why Nuremberg in detail is still pretty new for me; I enjoy checking out new places with friends from my time in Erlangen and finding new friends and places. I love playing badminton throughout the whole year, because my other big love, skiing, can just be done in the winter time. Beside athletics, another important point in my life is music – either played by myself on the piano or by the loud speakers.

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