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Customer satisfaction is our top priority. That is why we offer our services with a high standard of quality and improve them continually. We already classify our consultants internally into different qualification groups specified according to different project tasks. Our trainers belong to the highest qualification group. For quality assurance purposes, we are maintaining both an external and an internal feedback culture used to check and adapt our services. In addition to the above, professional training sessions and cooperation in research projects make sure that our trainers and consultants are always up to date, taking a methodical pioneer role.

"If you feel troubled, take heart: you are simply in contact with reality."

Dean Rusk (1909 - 1994)

Specialized in the fields of requirements engineering & requirements management and object-oriented technologies, SOPHIST offers many different services in these fields.

The choice is yours:

SOPHIST Offene Trainings


               Open Trainings               

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Currently, "open trainings" are only held in german language!

SOPHIST Offene Trainings


           In-House Trainings               

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In-house training sessions are company-internal training courses, either preconfigured or tailored to the particular needs of your team.

We do offer a nice range of In-House trainings held in english language!

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