Everything you need to know about Requirements Engineering packed into one training. We’ll get you well acquainted with the elicitation, documentation, testing and management of requirements, all contents are based on the  current IREB syllabus. This three day training will impart you with all the knowledge you need to pass the Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering certification exam.

You may book this training as a standard or comfort package.

  • Komfort Package

    SOPHIST CPRE-Trainings with Komfort Package

    ...including certification and with free* repeatability!

    Beside the CPRE Foundation Level Training, the Komfort Package is also available for Advanced Level Trainings CPRE AL Requirements Modeling and CPRE AL Elicitation & Consolidation (both in german language).


    No idea what it's all about with the Komfort Package?

    Open Trainings:

    With the comfort package, you’ll get the three days of training, on top of which we’ll organize everything to do with the certification for you: we’ll enroll you and organize an auditor to be present on the third day, so that you may take your exam right after the training concludes. There are only once the costs for the certification exam added (FL: 250,- €, AL: 600,- €).


    In case of failing the exam, you have the opportunity to book the corresponding training including exam once more free of charge. For the CPRE Advanced Level exams, this also applies to the housework. Alternatively, the CPRE Foundation Level Blended Learning Training can be booked instead the CPRE Foundation Level Training.

    Inhouse Trainings:

    With the comfort package, we additionally take over the complete organization with regard to registering for the CPRE exam.

    In case of failing the exam, you have the opportunity to attend a corresponding open training including exam for 50% of the costs. In case of failure with the housework of the CPRE Advanced Level Trainings we will pay 50% of the correction fee for a second submission. Alternatively, the CPRE Foundation Level Blended Learning Training can be booked instead the CPRE Foundation Level Training.

    * Open Trainings

  • Training agenda

    0.    Intro
           0.1    The Structure of the “Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering”
           0.2    The “Certified Professional for  Requirements Engineering“ Exam

    1.    Introduction and Overview Requirements Engineering
           1.1     Introduction
           1.2     Skills and Role of the Requirements Engineer
           1.3     Types of Requirements

    2.    Fundamental Principles of Requirements Engineering
           2.1    Overview
           2.2    Principles

    3.    Work Products and Documentation Practices
           3.1    Introduction and Foundation
           3.2    Natural-Language-Based Work Products
           3.3    Template-Based Work Products
           3.4    Model-Based Work Products
           3.5    Glossary
           3.6    Prototypes
           3.7    Quality Criteria

    4.    Practices for Requirements Elaboration
           4.1    System, System Context, and Context Boundary
           4.2    Sources for Requirements
           4.3    Elicitation of Requirements
           4.4    Requirements Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
           4.5    Validation of Requirements

    5.    Process and Working Structure
           5.1    Introduction
           5.2    Configuring a Requirements Engineering Process

    6.    Management Practices for Requirements
           6.1    What is Requirements Management?
           6.2    Life Cycle Management
           6.3    Version Control
           6.4    Attributes and Views
           6.5    Traceability
           6.6    Handling Changes
           6.7    Prioritization

    7.    Tool Support
           7.1    Different Types of Requirements Engineering Tools
           7.2    Introduction of Requirements Engineering Tools

  • Goals
    • Knowlegde of the quality criteria used to assess requirements and specifications.
    • Knowledge of the different types of elicitation techniques.
    • Knowledge of the most commonly used ways to document requirements in natural
        language or through models.
    • Knowledge of the basic techniques used in requirements analysis.
    • Knowledge of the tools and methods used to manage requirements.
  • Distintive Advantage

    You will gain a broad and well-grounded survey of all the aspects of requirements engineering and be excellently prepared for the certification exam.


Open Training

Booking code: O-E CPRE FL

Participants: max 12 people
Duration: 3 days
Costs per person:
Standard: 1.480,- EUR
Komfort:   1.730,- EUR

all prices excl. Umsatzsteuer (VAT)

Inhouse Training

Booking code: E-CPRE FL

Participants: max 12 people
Duration: 3 days

on demand
all prices excl. Umsatzsteuer (VAT)


Our sales department will be happy to assist you!

We are looking forward to holding this training for you!

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