Everything about requirements engineering in one training - the perfect preparation for the certification as "Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering - Foundation Level". In a compact form, you will learn the contents based on the current IREB e. V. syllabus in the areas of "eliciting requirements", "documenting", "testing" and "managing".

One of the goals of the three-day training is to provide you with all the knowledge you need to pass the Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering - Foundation Level exam. Prior to the training, we offer additional information material for your personal self-study.


  • Certification

    The optional certification for the Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering - Foundation Level is taken in a 75-minute multiple-choice exam on a tablet PC or as a conventional paper exam. The exam organized by SOPHIST takes place at the end of the last training day. In the case of in-house training, an alternative date for the certification can be arranged on request.

    It is possible to conduct the certification exam in different languages. For non-native speakers, it is possible to request a 15-minute extension of the exam time.

    You will receive the result of the multiple-choice exam and also the certificate directly from the certification company.

    For more information about the requirements, the preparation and the exam itself, please visit the IREB homepage.



  • Target group & required prior knowledge

    Target group:

    Individuals from analysis, architecture, functional department, process owners, QM contributors, team leaders.

    Required prior knowledge:

    No prior knowledge required; the training is designed for both the inexperienced and the experienced and serves as preparation for the CPRE Foundation Level exam.

  • KOMFORT Package

    SOPHIST CPRE trainings KOMFORT package

    ...including certification and with double bottom due to free* repetition option!

    The comfort variant of the certification trainings is now bookable in every CPRE training.

    You don't know yet what the comfort variant is all about?

    Open trainings:

    In the comfort variant, in addition to conducting the training, we also take care of the complete organization regarding registration for the CPRE exam directly after the training. The price for the training in the comfort variant is the same as for the standard training. Only the one-time costs for the certification exam are added (FL: 250,- €, AL Practitioner: 280,- €).

    In case you do not pass the exam, you have the possibility to book the corresponding training including the exam again free of charge. For the CPRE Advanced Level exams this also applies to the submitted homework. For the CPRE Foundation Level Training, you can alternatively book the CPRE Foundation Level Blended Learning Training.

    Inhouse trainings:

    In the comfort variant, in addition to conducting the training, we also take over the complete organization regarding the registration for the CPRE exam.

    In case you do not pass the exam, you have the possibility to attend a corresponding open training incl. exam for 50% of the costs. In case of failing the term paper at the CPRE Advanced Level Trainings we will cover 50% of the correction fee for a second submission. For the CPRE Foundation Level Training you can alternatively book the CPRE Foundation Level Blended Learning Training.


    *at open trainings

  • Training agenda (curriculum 3.0)

    1.    Introduction and Overview Requirements Engineering
           1.1     Introduction
           1.2     Skills and Role of the Requirements Engineer
           1.3     Types of Requirements

    2.    Fundamental Principles of Requirements Engineering
           2.1    Overview
           2.2    Principles

    3.    Work Products and Documentation Practices
           3.1    Introduction and Foundation
           3.2    Natural-Language-Based Work Products
           3.3    Template-Based Work Products
           3.4    Model-Based Work Products
           3.5    Glossary
           3.6    Prototypes
           3.7    Quality Criteria

    4.    Practices for Requirements Elaboration
           4.1    System, System Context, and Context Boundary
           4.2    Sources for Requirements
           4.3    Elicitation of Requirements
           4.4    Requirements Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
           4.5    Validation of Requirements

    5.    Process and Working Structure
           5.1    Introduction
           5.2    Configuring a Requirements Engineering Process

    6.    Management Practices for Requirements
           6.1    What is Requirements Management?
           6.2    Life Cycle Management
           6.3    Version Control
           6.4    Attributes and Views
           6.5    Traceability
           6.6    Handling Changes
           6.7    Prioritization

    7.    Tool Support
           7.1    Different Types of Requirements Engineering Tools
           7.2    Introduction of Requirements Engineering Tools

  • Goals
    • Knowlegde of the quality criteria used to assess requirements and specifications.
    • Knowledge of the different types of elicitation techniques.
    • Knowledge of the most commonly used ways to document requirements in natural language or through models.
    • Knowledge of the basic techniques used in requirements analysis.
    • Knowledge of the tools and methods used to manage requirements.


  • Unique advantage

    You will gain a broad and well-grounded survey of all the aspects of requirements engineering and be excellently prepared for the certification exam.

We are looking forward to hold this training for you!

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Costs: on request
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