This book is addressed to anyone preparing for the certification exam to become a "Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering"- Foundation Level or simply wishing to consolidate their existing requirements engineering knowledge. It aims to cover all exam relevant content and present it in a concrete and helpful manner. It allows for a systematic independent preparation, thus being ideally suited either for your individual study as well as supporting literature to preparatory trainings offered by the training providers. The fact that we recommend competent training by a training provider such as SOPHIST should not surprise you ;-).

As of April 1, 2021, the exams for the CPRE Foundation Level in English and German can only be taken based on the syllabus version 3.0, that was released by The International Requirements Engineering Board e.V. (IREB) on October 1, 2020. The 5th edition of the Book “Basiswissen Requirements Engineering“ is based on this new version of the syllabus and covers the complete exam-relevant basic knowledge of the syllabus and includes significant revisions of the previous edition.

Among the new content you can find:

  • A continuous example that illustrates the partially theoretical content of the book by using the development of a smart home system (SHS) as an example.
  • Key facts and Web links that capture the essence of each section and presents them briefly and concisely. The web links also offer the opportunity to consult potential changes of the book contents. As soon as a significant, exam-relevant fact changes, the information will be updated.
  • Videos and animated GIFs in order to make many key facts easier to understand.
  • Excursion boxes: practical tips and further information on a topic that are added in so-called excursus boxes.

We hope that the new features and significant revisions mentioned above will help you prepare for the exam even better than before.

Chris Rupp & Dr. Klaus Pohl

Basiswissen Requirements Engineering

Aus- und Weiterbildung nach IREB-Standard zum Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering - Foundation Level

5., revised and updated edition - curriculum 3.0

© 2021 dpunkt Verlag

Print  978-3-86490-814-9
PDF  987-3-96910-247-3
ePub 978-3-96910-245-9

Copyright 2018


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