Why did we choose the name "SOPHIST"?


"Challenging traditional practices gives rise to the quest for something better."
We SOPHISTs can do nothing but agree with this motto of the Greek sophists.

We believe that the phrase "This has always been done this way, so we'll continue doing it that way.", rarely expressed but often thought, dooms any incentive for innovative thought and action.

Ideas and results from research and development, carefully listening to the needs of our customers and above all a synergetic cooperation of all staff members across different domains of expertise and departments help us continually extend and improve our know-how and enrich it with new, outside-the-box approaches.

The ancient sophists taught their pupils to never stop trying and to understand that "truth" is always subjective.

We carry this thought on and aim to continually enrich our achievements with new insights and successfully model systems with the knowledge that the user’s "truth" is different from the customer’s.

Looking at it that way we have a whole lot in common with our "colleagues" from Greece, and you have at your side not only a competent business partner, but also people with heart, intellect and understanding.

Whenever the next chaotic, incomprehensible and inconsistent specification is giving you a hard time: We will help you out! Call us:
+49 (0) 911 / 40 900 0

Parthenon in Athen
In Stein gemeißeltes Wissen der SOPHISTen
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