This training teaches you a procedure for your analysis project that has been proven many times in practice. RE experts will show you how to determine and document your requirements. The techniques and methods used in many projects, e.g. requirements templates, use cases and SOPHIST rules and regulations, will be applied.

Two days with many practical exercises not only provide you with the theoretical background, but also enable you to start right away with requirements analysis in your projects.

  • Training agenda

    1.    Introduction and Foundations
           1.1.    Introduction
           1.2.    Requirement Types
           1.3.    Characterisics of a Requirements Engineer
           1.4.    Process Models

    2.    Context Bundaries and Requirements Elicitation
           2.1.    System Context
           2.2.    Requirements Sources
           2.3.    Requirements Categorization according to the Kano Model
           2.4.    Elicitation Techniques
           2.5.    Interview
           2.6.    Brainstorming and Mind Mapping

    3.    Requirements Documentation
           3.1.    Types of Documentation
           3.2.    The Glossary

    4.    Model-based Requirements Documentation
           4.1.    Model-based Requirements Documentation


    5.    The SOPHIST Set of REgulations
           5.1.    The Roots of the Set of REgulations
           5.2.    Procedure for the Set of REgulations
           5.3.    Rules of the Set of Regulations
           5.4.    Applying the Set of REgulations

    6.    Requirements Documentation - MASTeR
           6.1.    Introduction
           6.2.    MASTeR for Functional Requirements
           6.3.    MASTeR for Non-functional Requirements

    7.    Structuring Requirements
           7.1.    Document Structures
           7.2.    STABLE

  • Goals
    • Applying linguistic methods to formulate natural-language requirements unambiguously, complete, free from inconsistencies and comprehensible.
    • Knowledge of quality criteria that you should consider when creating natural-language requirements.
    • Knowledge of the most important elicitation methods for requirements
    • Knowledge about the pillars of requirements analysis, like, for example, context definition
    • Knowledge of various methods for analyzing and documenting requirements
  • Unique advantage

    You can use the techniques of requirements analysis specifically in your project.


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