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Chris Rupp - OberSOPHIST (formally: founder and managing partner), chief consultant, coach and trainer. In 30 years of professional life, she has accumulated ... one company ...6 books ...50 employees ...uncounted articles and lectures ... and an incredible amount of experience. My passion for project consulting is probably responsible for the fact that I am not "only" managing, but also very close to the customer, working on projects. The vision that drives me is to implement good ideas in such a way that developers, contractual partners, and directly and indirectly affected users have the feeling that they are dealing with an intelligent, well thought-out, and useful product. I work with different methods and approaches from the agile and non-agile area. In order to standardize the qualification of requirements engineers/business analysts, I founded the IREB e. V. (International Requirements Engineering Board) and led it for many years.


Art and people fascinate me. For several years I study fine art / painting at the Faber-Castell Academy. I photograph privately a lot and deal with printing techniques and organize exhibitions with colleagues. A few impressions can be found on my webpage I am regularly drawn to nature - which is also due to my two large dogs that love to run. 4 cats, which also live with me on the farm, complement my small private zoo.

Chris has the following certifications:

CPRE - Foundation Level IREB
CPRE - Advanced Level Elicitation Practitioner IREB
CPRE - Advanced Level Elicitation Specialist IREB
CPUX-F - Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience
PSM I - Professional Scrum Master I -
TBR Practitioner - Training from Back of the Room Practitioner

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